Brushtitudes (2021)

Druck auf Leinwand

Sound waves, produced by >painting< on a microphone with various brushes – an ASMR image.
In a long process of practicing, more and more seismographic waves could be gathered to this image. Although the brushes generate mostly noisy sounds, in microscopic detail, (more or less) harmonic structures occur and can be isolated.
This image is drawn by hand, brush, microphone and some „live-electronic“ (sampling and granular synthesis) editing. A field of hand-modulated noise, transferred from time into space, maybe still having a sonic, or even musical aura. The canvas functions as a second-order membrane, an inner-ear so to speak, taking sound as a nervous system feed.

■ Akademie der Künste Berlin 2022
■ Bürgermeisterhaus Essen 2022
■ Kunstraum Reuter Berlin 2022